More Proof That Colostrum is the Elixir of Life

More Proof That Colostrum is the Elixir of Life

I've been saying for a long time that the only thing made by Mother Nature to be food for humans is mother's milk. Everything else that we eat once we are weaned from our mother's breast are food alternatives that we have adopted and adapted to for nutritional purposes.

Mother's milk has evolved along with us for over 4 million years. As such evolutionary selection pressure has produced the perfect food for humans which we can learn from as we move forward into adulthood.

Each time we look at the role of breast-feeding babies and the trajectory of health in their lives, it proves to be true that human breast milk is not only the perfect food but also imprint for the human immune system.

In the early days of breast-feeding the mother produces colostrum a thick sticky liquid that is loaded with immunoglobulins, hormones, growth factors, healthy gut microbes, enzymes, non-protein nitrogen and much more. All designed to inoculate the baby with healthy building blocks and life-launching magic.

You've got to be asking yourself by now why I used a picture of a calf suckling for this article after all this talk about mother's milk?

That's because bovine colostrum has been shown to be almost identical to human colostrum with one big difference. The important constituents in human colostrum are found to be 100 to 1000 fold more potent in bovine colostrum.

The immunoglobulins present in bovine colostrum show strong anti-microbial activity against gram-positive and gram-negative strains of bacteria like E. coli, S. aureus, P. vulgaris, E. aerogenes and Salmonella typhi.

A group of scientist in the Department of Pharmacology at the School of Pharmacy and Technology Management in Mumbai India recently published a study showing that bovine colostrum could be used to treat rats for an inflammatory disorder to their paws.

Bovine colostrum reduce inflammation in the treated animals significantly over the control animals. The scientist took this a step further and combined the bovine colostrum with diclofenac, an NSAID. The group that receive the combination of bovine colostrum and diclofenac saw an even greater response.

The author came away feeling bovine colostrum could be used in conjunction with NSAID's to reduce the dose of the NSAID's and minimize the side effects experienced with anti-inflammatory synthetic drugs. In fact, their findings were so exciting that it sparked a patent to be filed for the combination therapy!

So add to the ever-growing list of benefits of bovine colostrum one more – Anti-inflammatory. It is safe to say that bovine colostrum can be a powerful tool in the lifestyle of a person looking to reduce chronic inflammation and improve health.


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