‚ÄčThe protein powder industry has been rocked to its core over the past few years. Between the protein spiking scandal, failed label claims of protein powders that had way more sugar and way less protein and just plain poor manufacturing tactics to give the illusion the consumer was getting more than they actually got, we at  Super Human Rx wanted to change the standards in the protein powder category. We wanted to show that we place more importance on the customer's trust than we do on profits and margins. In honor of that we have pledged to publish our Lab Analysis on each and every batch of Thriv Advanced. Here is the first one. This also now appears on our front page available to every visitor to the website. Alisa and I feel a great sense of honor that people are willing to support Thriv Advanced and it's the least we can do to let them know we will not betray their trust even before they make the purchase.

Download Thriv Advanced Lab Analysis